Technological innovations for Earth observation or the study of animal life, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting advancement we have seen. The power and ease of use of the drone or remote sensing allows everyone involved in the environment to work with an unprecedented level of precision.

Water, soil or air are affected by human activity. Being able to observe, measure and understand the current changes is essential to enable future generations to live in a resilient and sustainable world.

Data capture

Capturing images and videos by drone is increasingly popular with environmental professionals. This technology has many advantages that make the work of your teams easier at all stages of your project.


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Drones are easy and fast to deploy, with a minimal sound or visual footprint. Coupled with a large data storage capacity during operational phases, our drone solutions make it possible to collect images from the sky under new angles and tailored for all your projects:

  • Environmental study
  • Watercourse inspection
  • Aquatic ecosystems surveillance
  • Floods
  • Forestry inventory
  • Gas leak detection
  • Wildlife control

Data science


Although possible directly from the source images, the interpretation of the data is greatly facilitated by the science of Geomatic and its tools. Our team of SIG software specialists can offer various render. The various export format of our files makes it easy to integrate it into your final reports.

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• Topographic land survey
• Volumetric control of piles (sand quarries, forestry)
• Water levels maps

Research and development

At Drone Des Champs, our mission is to protect our environment. Our teams are continuously developing innovative technologies to meet these challenges. And our fleet of drones makes us the ideal partner for all your projects requiring data collection.


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Thanks to our connection with universities and research institutes in Canada or overseas, we are able to build projects offering smart solutions to our customers:
• Development of dedicated drone payload for sampling in humid environments (water and sludge)
• Development of Machine Learning algorithm.
• Development of innovative methodologies to facilitate information exchange between the ground (scouts) and remote sensing information.