How technology can help the world of farming and environment.

Data collection

Data processing

Drone spraying


Discover how Drone Des Champs is revolutionizing the world of agriculture with its drones and its expertise.

Our environment is facing new challenges.

The world is changing fast and technologies are taking an unprecedented importance in decision-making processes.

Drone Des Champs’ mission is to support its clients in their technological development by offering them dedicated/ personalized/specific solutions and the expertise of an attentive team.

Drone imagery

Whether RGB, Multispectral or by infrared, image analysis provides access to a large amount of information that is often invisible to the naked eye.  

Our data scientists use all the available information for analysis purposes with the the goal to support you in your fields.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms allow us to process the large amount of data collected and offer analysis and predictions more accurate than what is obtained with traditional methods. Are your looking to counting crops, or predict their maturation ? 

Tell us about your needs, we might be able to help you.

Drone spraying

Food health is important to us. A rational use of pesticides is therefore necessary to preserve the environment, while allowing our farmers to maintain their production level. 

Our team deploy our spraying drones around the world to treat your crops in a localized way, from tea plantations to bananas.

R&D projects for dedicated solutions

Being together means moving forward faster and further. We work with the best research centers and universities in Canada to meet the expectations of our customers, and we act as a team leader to join forces.

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