Drone solutions for a changing world





Tailored drone operations & ai solutions

Our environment is facing new challenges.

The world is changing and being eco-friendly is no longer an option

We are drone operators permanently established in Quebec, with recognized expertise..

Our mission is to support our customers in their ecological transition by offering them dedicated drone solutions and the expertise of a team attentive to their needs.

Drone are becoming essentials

The advantages of the drone are numerous.

We specialize in complex operations where our know-how brings significant gains in:

  • Data quality 
  • Productivity
  • Safety

Our customers adopt our solutions to address the issues of precision agriculture, labor shortages, and to have access to quality GIS data.

Integrator and innovation designers

We are innovative in all areas:

  • As Integrators to operationalize complex solutions
  • As Designers to design tailor-made tools and machinery
  • As Demonstrators to use our prototypes in real conditions

AI and software development

Our AI work responds to clearly identified needs in our processes.

We develop hardware and software solutions and AI algorithms that allow us to work more efficiently.

Our decision-support and inventory management tools in agricultural production help our customers work better.

Consulting and collaborative projects

Moving forward together means moving faster and further.

We collaborate with numerous agronomic groups, research centers, universities or sectoral organizations in order to respond to our customers’ challenges and set up innovation projects.

Our offers are flexible and we like to share our knowledge.

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