Leverage the technology of Machine Learing to meet the unique needs of your organization. From the first meeting with your teams to the completion of a Proof of Concept (POC), we can build a dedicated 360° solution for your project.

Whether your company works in the field of agriculture (cereals, market gardeners, horticulture, animal production) or in the field of the environment, our teams will use our expertise and their network of partners to lead your organization into era of bigdata.

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to optimize your harvests and, facilitate the monitoring of your herds or even automate the inspection of your buildings thanks to drone imagery.

Data collection

Whether we are talking about images or alpha-numeric data, obtaining large and qualitative dataset is the mandatory first step of any AI project. This data, which will need to be cleaned and annotated, will serve as the basis for the algorithm training process.


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Do you already have data or want to collect it yourself ? Are you equipped to collect your data ?  Or would you like to benefit from our drone capture services ?

Drone Des Champs can help you. Our teams travel to Quebec and outside the province with the necessary equipment to collect all kinds of data:

  • RGB, Multispectral and thermographic image
  • Collection of samples in an humid environment
  • SIG shapefile type data and attribute file
  • Ground data (Ph, etc)

Data science

Classification or prediction, supervised or unsupervised, data science is a promising field. Whether we are talking about OpenCV or ML architecture, the range of possibilities is almost endless and all sectors of activity can benefit from the technology.

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Process automation on ever-increasing batches of data makes it possible to perform many tasks that before seemed impossible or required far too many resources:

  • Accurate crop counting
  • Crop size classification
  • Object detection on photos or videos
  • Land classification
  • Density map
  • Prediction of maturation in various cultures

Research and development

Our teams and partners from the academic, scientific and industrial ecosystem in Canada and around the world, have a strong expertise in the creation of R&D projects.

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Our core business is agriculture, and our mission is to build a resilient and sustainable future, a future where nature and environmental stakeholders work together to solve the challenges of the future.

So if you have an idea you wish to turn into a project, contact us.

Some examples of dedicated solutions

AI Crop counting – Lettuce

After collecting drone images of a lettuce production in one of Quebec's biggest farm, we built and trained an AI algorithm to automatically count and assess the size of the product. Despite the very high density of the more than 400,000 crops, the accuracy of the AI...